Entrepreneurship in Mathematics and Computational Science – 2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition of the Entrepreneurship in Mathematics and Computational Science Workshop has been a great success, with ≈100 Master and PhD students attending and great talks by our guests. Thanks to Neural Concepts, Rollomatic and L2F for their very interesting presentations!

As usual, we thank SIAM for its support and we hope to see you all at our next event!

The EPFL Chapter of SIAM Committee





Entrepreneurship in Mathematics and Computational Science – 2nd Edition

The EPFL Chapter of SIAM invites you to the 2nd edition of the Entrepreneurship in Mathematics and Computational Science workshop.

When: Tuesday 4th December at 17:15

Where: Room CM 1 105 – EPFL

During this event, three representatives of emerging Swiss companies will present the focus of their companies and will shed light on the role that mathematics plays in their business. The presentations will be followed by an apéro offered by the association.

This year, we are glad to present you

  • Neural Concept: Neural Concept is a 3D Deep-Learning Software platform dedicated to Computer Assisted Engineering and Design. The company’s main clients are global leaders in a wide range of application domains including aerospace and naval engineering, automotive manufacturing and the energy industry.
  • Rollomatic: Many industrial problem can be understood and simplified with the right mathematical abstraction. I will present you how we use differential geometry and Lie Groups at Rollomatic to improve the way we produce cutting tools for the industry. I will also talk about the work and the different roles of mathematicians in a research and development team.
  • Learn to Forecast (L2F): L2F is a task-force of remarkably talented mathematicians with a profound understanding of Machine Learning and Algebraic Topology. We conceive, develop and maintain custom predictive models. We believe each predictive model has a unique story, and to yield the best results it must fit your problem like a tailor-made suit.

We hope to see many of you!

Photos from the SIAM Graduate Research day 2017 @ EPFL

Congratulations to Martin Barry for winning the Best Talk prize, and thanks to all the speakers for participating! Stay tuned for the 2018 edition.

SIAM Graduate Research Day 2017 @ EPFL

Join us December 5th in room MA A3 30 at 17h15! Five students signed up to each give a 10 minute presentation on the research projects they’ve been working on:

  • Gauthier Muguerza Bengoechea, Stochastic Gradient Methods applied to Riemann Optimisation
  • Adam Halmi, Stochastic Differential Equations and their Applications in Interest Rate Modelling
  • Aleksa Stankovic, Bayesian Inverse Problems in Infinite Dimensional Setting
  • Andrea Scaglioni, Assessing Surgical Devices with Computational Hemodynamics
  • Martin Barry, Neural Implementation of Learning by Surprice

There will be a best talk prize + food, snacks and beverages kindly sponsored by SIAM.

Entrepreneurship in Mathematics and Computational Science

Tuesday May 9th, more than 60 EPFL students from various departments came to hear about the work of three invited EPFL/ETHZ spin-offs .

Inpher CEO Dr. Jordan Brandt and Chief Scientist Dr. Nicolas Gama began the round of presentations talking about Inpher, and their efforts to create technology for computation on encrypted data. Akselos core technology developer Dr. Jonas Ballani talked about their work towards creating a digital twin of large structures, and finally Dr. Martin Jaggi, co-founder of SpinningBytes, gave a presentation on how his company creates custom-made machine learning and data analytics software.

Connections were made and wine enjoyed at our Apero! Thanks to SIAM for funding and support, we hope to see you all again next year!


Entrepreneurship in Mathematics and Computational Science

Tuesday May 9th, 15:15 in CM2, the EPFL Chapter of SIAM is organizing a workshop on Entrepreneurship in Mathematics and Computational Science

We’ve invited several EPFL/ETHZ start-ups to come and talk about the companies that they’re building and the work that they do. After a round of presentations, we’re serving an apéro where you will have the opportunity to talk with company representatives.

The program:

15:15 – 15:20: Welcome words from SIAM
15:20 – 17:00: Company presentations:
      • SpinningBytes – Provides smart machine learning and data analytics software. Dr. Martin Jaggi, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder
      • Akselos –  Merges deep-physics simulation technology with big-data analytics. Dr. Jonas Ballani, Core Technology Developer
      • Inpher.io – Developing next-generation technology for computation on encrypted data. Dr. Jordan Brandt, CEO, and Dr. Nicolas Gama, Chief Scientist.
17:00 – 18:00: Apéro in MA B3 465 the hall outside CM2
See you on the 9th!


General Assembly

Update: The assembly will be held on Thursday the 2nd of February in room MA C2 543.

Update: The assembly has been postponed due to sickness among the chapter officers. A new date  for the General Assembly will be posted soon.

We are delighted to announce that that our chapter has now been acknowledged as an official student run association of EPFL with all the privileges that entails.

The first general assembly will be held on Tuesday the 24th of January at 17:00 in room MA C2 543. The chapter statues will be voted for, and signed by chapter officers.

All students of EPFL are cordially invited to join the assembly, have some cookies, propose activities or even better, volunteer for the Chapter!

SIAM Graduate Research Day 2016 @ EPFL

Friday July 1st, 20 something students from the master and doctorate programs came to participate in the first such SIAM event at EPFL. The speakers presented exciting work of theirs on applications of mathematics and computational science to problems in Neuroscience, Tumor Growth modelling, and Stochastic Particle Transport among many other topics. After the talks, the chapter and friends enjoyed the sunny weather and spectacular views on the MA building 3rd floor terrace with apéro and wine from Négoce.

Thank’s to SMA and SIAM for their support and funding, and congratulations to Sungyeon Hong and Giacomo Garegnani for winning the best talk prizes.

Enjoy the summer, we will be back next semester with more SIAM@EPFL !